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 Anonymous asked: what you say about hidan makes me so happy

Awww, TY, anon <3333

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SASORI MY BAE I MISSED YOU!he was my first bae ever im sorry i know i was too late for the fandom but damnnnnnn that scene in the akatsuki movie i was like…SASORI SASORI SASORI I LOVE YOU&#160;! U LOOK SO BADASS&#160;! 



he was my first bae ever im sorry i know i was too late for the fandom but damnnnnnn that scene in the akatsuki movie i was like…SASORI SASORI SASORI I LOVE YOU ! U LOOK SO BADASS ! 

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Okay first thing, big humble thank you to  for using my Hidan animation in their analysis post! That’s super flattering for you to use that in that post yo (also god fucking bless you for pointing out the left handed thing Chi and I went through so many gifs and stills to confirm and accept it omg he’s a leftie and that’s adorable)


TBH I never even noticed the momentum thing until you pointed it out! I bet he does that because he’s, as he puts it himself, “the slowest attacker” in the Akatsuki… It also is a reckless, wild way to get at your opponent! And quite frankly the fucker is a crazy little acrobat in the battlefield. He’s all over the damn place but holy shit he does not lay off for even a moment

He’s going to keep attacking, he’s going to keep swinging and throwing himself at his opponent. He doesn’t wait for an opening, he makes his down damn opening.

If you ask me, if he got into a full blown fight with Kakuzu, it’d be about a tie. He may have higher taijutsu and stamina, but he lacks in the same intelligence and speed that Kakuzu has… on top of Kakuzu’s versatile elemental attacks and the Earth Grudge Fear. Really their fight would come down to who gets the opening to deal the devastating blow first.

Trust me, tantobus and I talk about this a lot omg

But no seriously Hidan is a fucking unrelenting monster, and that’s probably in part with his religious teachings, but that’s for another day ;O
He’s built to fight, he’s got the stamina to keep going and going, and he probably has this bad habit of ignoring blood loss lol. He really is the kind of guy who doesn’t give you any opportunity to fight back. That’s what he wants tbh

Because when you fight back, you’re leaving yourself more open to attacks at the same time, and he’s so constant in his onslaught that there’s literally no time to break through and hit back.


I think if I had to sum up and agree with what you’ve said about him, it’d be something along the lines of he’s not smart in the book sense. He’s probably one of those kids who’d really struggle in school tbh… but what he lacks in book smarts he makes up for in being able to read people.

He’s a dense motherfucker for sure, but when it comes to actually being able to understand and read people, he’s a total pro. He can get under people’s skin because he knows where to press first, which buttons to push, because I don’t think it takes all that long for him to figure out the personalities of his friends and enemies alike.

I think he’s people smart sort of in the same way that 2012 Michelangelo (TMNT) or Connie Springer are people smart. Neither of those characters are shown as being “bright young kids”, but they’re AMAZING when it comes to people skills. Mikey is severely empathetic and Connie is able to tell when something’s wrong with his friends LONG before anybody else notices.

That’s what makes Hidan so awesome. Usually you only see those sorts of traits in good characters, but he’s giving us a chance to see what it’s like for the villain to be dense but very good at understanding people.

That on top of his analytical skills make him formidable dude, if he was a strategist and had the book smarts like Shikamaru, everybody would be fuckin screwed.

In short. Hidan’s a goddamn beautiful monster.

Yesss Hidan discussion!! I have to second the left-handed thing. Back when I was gif’ing Hidan like, every other day, I remember freaking out when I found out he was a leftie. IDK why, it’s just one of those little details that shows that thought was put into his character (despite what some people think).

I’ve always loved his fighting style. It’s very rhythmic and well-timed, almost like a dance with his scythe as his dance partner. You’re basically fighting two people haha. I was kinda bummed when his scythe was disconnected from his cord because we wouldn’t get to see his scythe dance anymore. As pedestrian as it may seem in comparison to the rest of the casts’ fancy justsus, Hidan’s style took a whole lot of attention, precision and concentration. Now, ofc, at a glance those behaviors seem to counter a lot of what we think about Hidan in terms of intelligence and patience, but that’s what I love about him. His outward presentation suggests that he’s a sloppy fighter, and this ends up working to his advantage because the less seriously his opponents take him, the easier it is for him to land a hit and end them. Compounded with his immortality, his entire character really is just one big surprise. Now, IDK about him beating Kakuzu, but Hidan makes for an effective and dangerous fighter. He may not have a lot in his arsenal, but he does A LOT with what he has.

And I’m glad this post mentioned his sociability, because IA, it is a skill. When he’s not in his curse mode, Hidan is incredibly affable. To this day, I’m still struck by how normal he is when he’s just going about in his day to day life. He complains about having to walk too much, he gets mad when the corpses at the bounty station make his clothes smell, he attempts to maintain conversation with Kakuzu while they’re walking around in the woods, he as a sense of humor….he can be very relatable. I would get a drink with Hidan. Then you find out he’s actually this violent religious fundamentalist who kills to appease his evil god, and we have ourselves another surprise.

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Your Daily Dose of Pseudoscience! (aka shippy post)

Akatsuki Pairings and Horoscope Compatibility! I made a post like this a long time ago on a forum aka during the prehistoric ages before Tumblr existed and the third Naruto Databook  had just been released. Since that post is now buried under the thousands of threads that have been made since, I’d like to re-post the ‘readings’ on this blog. IDK how interested people are in astrology, but horoscope compatibility readings have been my favorite nerdy thing to do since….uhhh…since forever. It’s why I’m always excited to learn character birthday =D. I like to see how a relationship may work from an astrological lens xD. Obviously, there’s no empirical evidence to back ANY of this up (and I would hope no one would be so bothered by the hypothetical compatibility of fictional characters that they would be looking for empirical evidence anyway), but I do like to do this for fun. For now, I’m doing the basic partner/partner Akatsuki ships. I may do more unconventional ones later or you can always google ‘horoscope compatibility’ on your own…either way lol. I used astrology.au to compare signs, and posted abridge versions of the readings under the cut. Some of them are like, oddly accurate?? Does Kishi read horoscopes??? (jk, jk)

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make me choose →  asked sasori or deidara

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